Map of the website

Below you can find a list of all the pages from my website, with a brief description of what each of them is about.

Website Related:

  • Index / Home
  • The home page, with the recent updates and a view counter.
  • Site Info
  • Information on the website and what inspired it.
  • Past Versions
  • Archives of this website and the old guestbook.


  • About Me
  • Information on the creator of this website.
  • Favorite Games
  • My favorite games over the years and my experiences with them.
  • My Drawings
  • A few of my drawings that i like sharing.


  • Music Player
  • An interactive music player inspired by a Kirby Winamp skin.
  • CRT Television
  • A small TV with the possiblity to import your own youtube videos.
  • Realistic CRT TV
  • A javascript-powered CRT TV simulator with multiple filters.
  • Arcade Games
  • A collection of games that you can play in your browser.
  • Sketchbook
  • MS Paint in your browser, with the possibility to submit your drawings.

Cool Stuff:

Links, Buttons & Images:

Tribute Pages:

  • Monster Hunter
  • A page inspired by Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite.
  • Minecraft
  • A page inspired by the old Minecraft website featuring C418's songs and some popular videos.
  • WALL-E
  • A fan page that showcases some cool scenes of the WALL-E Movie.