About this Website

Red Kirby

This website was born from my passion with the old web. It's inspired by 90's websites and early 2000's websites. i took inspiration from the websites linked down below. I chose Kirby as the mascot of this website because he is a innocent character that always shows love, and risks his life to save his friends and the world.

Blue Kirby

I tried to replicate the look of old websites that were designed with computer users in mind but i also made it somewhat work on other devices. For phones, it works better in landscape mode but it's also somewhat usable in portrait mode.

Other Websites that inspired me

I visited many old websites for inspiration, but the ones that inspired me the most are linked down below. The Kirby following the mouse idea comes from the Bouba website, which talks about a cartoon that was aired in France and Japan during the late 70s / 80s.