In the section below you will find 88x31 buttons, stamps, and other links to cool websites. Everything here you can copy to your own website, but please avoid hotlinking (that is, using a link to an image, instead of saving it on your website's folder), because images may get changed or get deleted, and because it is considered bad practice in general.

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Cool people of Neocities

Here are some websites from Neocities who either followed me or i just find their website super cool. Enjoy, and say hi on their guestbooks !

Kirby Themed

Pokemon Themed

Tamagotchi Themed

Decorational Buttons

Buttons i found while browsing the internet, mostly from the old web period (90s-2000s), but also some new ones. Check out this page ⧉ for more.

Neocities / Geocities Buttons

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Stamp Collection

Celebi 1 Celebi 2 Firefox User Oshawott Mah Boi Jirachi 1 Jirachi 2 Victini 2012 Survivor Luigi Addict