Let me introduce myself

Greetings ! I'm a christian guy who does coding for fun and i love the old web and nostalgic stuff in general and i try to love my neighbor as myself. I have many interests, mostly stuff that most people do not care about. When i learned of the 90's web i really wanted to make my own website, and this is what i did. More info in the sections below.

My Interest in the Personal Web

I don't remember when i first went on the internet, but it was probably in 2007 or maybe earlier. So i have not experienced the internet when geocities was at it's peak. But i still was around to experience some old forums and i remember how non-corporate and personal the web used to be. I have very fond memories of the old YouTube before the Google acquisition. A few years ago i found a video called "THE INTERNET on April 4th, 1998", and that started my interest in the old web and i was just amazed at how cool it used to be, and how people used to express themselves in a creative way even if some websites were really simple. One of my favorite game of all time is Little Big Planet, a game where you make levels and share them with others, and i played a lot of Lego as a kid, so i always appreciated tools that allow you to create whatever you want to do. With HTML and CSS, you can make your web-page look any way that you want to.

My Kind of Music

My favorite music comes from movies, anime, and video games. I also love songs from the 1980s, classical music, Daft Punk and other 2000s songs. But i tend to enjoy music from all eras and genres if they sound good to my ears.

My Love for Video Games

Since childhood i've been fond of video games; i owned many consoles troughout the years: the PS2 was one of the first i remember, i also had the Gamecube, the Wii, the PS3, the Xbox 360, Gameboy Advance, DS, PSP, PS4 and now the PS5 and Switch. It was my favorite thing to do after school, and i kept most of my collection.

Favorite Movies and Series

I really like animated movies and cartoons more than anything, pixar and disney movies for exemple, but i also enjoy cinematic masterpieces like the Lord of the Rings or Star Wars, i also like the Clone Wars series. I also enjoy some anime like Naruto, Berserk 1997, Totoro, Kirby Right Back at Ya, and many others (but i prefer older ones).