Welcome to my website !

When i discovered Neocities and the old web, and seeing all the amazing websites people were doing, i decided to make my own. The site is mainly themed after the Kirby franchise, but i also showcase other of my interests. It's also a place for me to create fun things and share it with others (like my javascript CRT TV Simulator). I hope you enjoy my website and if you liked it, you can sign my Guestbook ! You can find my button and other cool websites in the Miscellaneous section :D

Recent Updates

09/07/2024 I added 177 buttons to the Miscellaneous section, and organised it better.

07/07/2024 I just noticed i accidentally removed the custom songs for each section, it was just one song playing, so that's fixed now. I also made the CRT TV better with power LED's and more 3D look with gradients.

05/07/2024 Changed the icons in the navbar to be more Kirby themed and cleaner.

04/07/2024 I decided to remove the old CRT section because i did not like having 2 of the same thing and i felt like it was not as good as the new one (previously called Realistic CRT, now CRT Television). But now that i got some space there i will probably start working on new sections, i have some ideas already. Just need to get it done.

02/07/2024 Added back the sheep but now you have to click the button in the navigation bar to spawn one (or multiple). I will also make the GIF section better soon, since i have not really changed it since i made it. Part 2: Improved the Realistic CRT page and fixed some bugs.

30/06/2024 Added the ability to pause the Kirby following the mouse by clicking on him, and added Esheep ⧉ because i find it entertaining. Part 2: I removed it because it didn't work properly on phones but i might use it later maybe. I added a link to my Neocities profile in the navbar in the form of a button.

27/06/2024 Remade my About Me section by adding / changing some text and added silly gifs and images where there was nothing previously. Also added images elsewhere. Part 2: Greatly improved responsiveness on phones, the page now works in portrait mode except for some sections with huge content (Music Player, CRT TV, Sketchbook), it also looks good on 800x600 resolution now.

25/06/2024 I've set up a custom domain name, it changes from daniele63.neocities.org, to daniele63.com, but the old url will still redirect to the new one. You can do this by buying a domain name with a service like Namecheap, then, you need to go to Neocities > Account settings > Manage Site Settings > Custom Domain, put your custom domain name there that you bought, and then add the "A record" and "AAAA record" in your domain name provider, usually the option is located in advanced DNS, also remove the default redirect if there's one. here's how on Namecheap ⧉. You can also look at how i've set it up here ⧉.

24/06/2024 I made the Sitemap section a lot nicer, adding descriptions of each links and a layout more in line with the rest of the website. Part 2: I added a lot of decorative buttons in the Miscellaneous section.

23/06/2024 Made each section have a unique music, i will maybe change them later but i think it's pretty cool. Part 2: I added a view counter to the bottom of this page, you can do this using the Neocities API and a bit of javascript, you can find a tutorial here ⧉.

22/06/2024 Since i had to fix a lot of the CSS because of the sanitize.css thing, i took the opportunity to also make the rest of the css files less bloated and more organised. Idk if this helps load speeds or not but i saved 2 Kilobytes (did you know Super Mario Bros only weighs 31 Kilobytes ?). Do i have an obsession with optimisation ? Maybe.

21/06/2024Previously i had problems with my navbar and other elements having different heights in other browsers/devices. I finally fixed this by using this CSS library ⧉ that makes the CSS "reset" from the default values and basically be the same on every browser. I also fixed my Kirby Games section that was kind of glitched and had a lot of repeated code, i basically removed 500 lines of useless code in that css file.

19/06/2024I made a sitemap section (a list of all the links of my website). i also added text in site info and moved the "embed my button" thing to the Miscellaneous section.

18/06/2024I made a sidebar on the right, with different ads on it that i think look cool. Because of this i also had to resize certain sections so that they stayed responsive, so the CRT and music player got a bit smaller. I also added buttons in the arcade section to toggle things on / off. Part 2: Improved the Arcade Games section by removing games that did not work and adding others (FNF, Tetris, Super Mario Bros), i also changed the way the buttons look and added a scanlines filter on the iframe.

17/06/2024I changed the website logo and also added a music player to the navbar, with a song for each section. Part 2: I changed text around the website, added more, and so on. Maybe will do a blog section later ? I wonder. I don't have much to talk about, so i will think about it.

15/06/2024Made navbar more compact and changed almost all icons. I've changed my button a bit, feel free to update it if you have not hotlinked.

14/06/2024Had to remove some Naruto songs in Music Player that didn't work anymore (that's an issue with embedding youtube videos). I also added Ocarina of Time songs.

12/06/2024I greatly improved responsiveness across different sizes, the page should now stay in the middle even on a bigger screen. Part 2: You can now use my website and realistic CRT without Javascript enabled, with some interactive features disabled however. Part 3: I no longer hotlink any buttons (that is, having buttons images linked from people's websites, instead of being hosted on my own), i also added a bunch of new buttons and removed some that did not work anymore.

10/06/2024I made my page different HTML files instead of one as before because i noticed it was getting really slow to load and you basically had to download the whole website before being able to use it so, it's now divided in different files and also different CSS and Javascript files. Because of that we lost the ability to hear the music player on other pages, but i think it's not that big of a deal.

09/06/2024Another Tribute Page, this time for WALL-E, my favorite animated movie from Pixar, took a few days to make and i don't really have time to make it look perfect at the moment, but i might improve it later.

04/06/2024I made a Minecraft Tribute website, inspiration struck me at 4AM and i finished it the day after.

01/06/2024I made the website appear bigger as it should be (i was on 125% dpi before and i changed to 100%).

26/05/2024Huge update! I made the website a bit more 90s (using normal fonts now), changed images here and there, and redid the Sketchbook section. You can now send pictures you made using the form, if i like them i will display them in the gallery.

21/05/2024Improved responsiveness on different device sizes.

07/05/2024Since 123Guestbook is shutting down in July, i've made a new one with Smart Guestbook. Be sure to check it out and say hi ! You can still find the old one with the old messages archived in the Past Versions section of my website.

27/04/2024Hi! I've been busy for a while, sorry about that ! I added a new section where i showcase my drawings, go take a look !

19/02/2024Renamed the "Cool Websites" section to "Miscellaneous", i removed the thumbnails so it's easier to add new links, i added stickers too. Part 2: I made a new button, feel free to use it !

15/02/2024I re-added autoplay after i finally figured out how to set the default volume on Youtube iframes.

26/01/2024Added a new Entertainment Section: Sketchbook, featuring JS Paint.

23/01/2024Changes to Realistic CRT Simulator page, improved the VHS Button and added other things.

18/01/2024Cleaned the site up a bit and disabled the default auto-play on music player. I also modified the recent updates box.

14/01/2024I changed the About Me page again and added way more stuff ! Also i made a Spacehey account so feel free to add me if you have one too (the link is in About Me).

06/01/2024Improved the Television in CRT Television section, and made multiple sections adapt better to small resolutions.

03/01/2024Changed a lot of the Realistic CRT TV code, added buttons to toggle Whine and Flicker, and fixed the VHS button not working with the other buttons.

31/12/2023I hope everyone had a merry Christmas, and i wish you all a happy new year. I changed some images on the website and in the navigation bar.

04/12/2023Redid the whole Kirby Games section, now with each consoles having their color schemes. I also changed the website for Christmas.

06/11/2023Redesign of Favorite Games and About Me sections.

31/10/2023I changed the font to look a bit more cartoony and less like the default Arial, and redid the About Me section.

12/10/2023Added a button so that you can upload your own (MP4's) videos to the Realistic CRT TV.

08/10/2023Improved the Realistic CRT Page, now with VHS Filter and Noise Filter buttons.

06/10/2023Hello again, just writing this to say i'm working on other web developement projects that might help me get a job in the future. If i don't update this site frequently anymore, that's why. I still read the Guestbook and appreciate all the positive comments.

06/09/2023Changed the CRT Television a bit to look more like the real one, now with a Piplup sticker ! Today i'm turning 23 years old.

13/08/2023Added new songs to Music Player, including Mario Party songs.

09/08/2023Big update, changed fonts and lot of text, and the text boxes and headings now have pattern backgrounds.

22/06/2023Took a long break, i got obsessed with plants and gardening, so i had no will to do programming. I fixed some missing buttons and changed the poster in Music Player.

05/05/2023Improved multiple sections and added instructions in the Arcade Section. Also added more gifs in the Gifs Collection.

04/05/2023The Arcade now features Kirby ! I also added 2 more games.

30/04/2023Optimised the code a lot on my side, and replaced 2 games that were broken in arcade by "Snake" and "Minesweeper". I also organised the songs in Music Player better.

25/04/2023I launched this website 1 year ago now, and we've reached 100,000 views ! This feels unreal, that so many people visited my small website. Thanks everybody.

19/04/2023I made the TV in the CRT Television Section look more realistic, and made small changes to Music Player Section. Also, changed text almost everywhere, to make it more polished, i can't believe it's almost been a year already ! I Launched the website on April of last year (2022) !

25/03/2023Added a section dedicated to Browser Games called "The Arcade".

24/02/2023Added 28 new songs to Music Player.

09/02/2023I made a 90's theme to commemorate my first version uploaded to Neocities. You can see it here.

31/01/2023Hi everyone, and thanks to all that commented on the guestbook and visited. I'm taking a break from working on this website, as i have to focus on studying other aspects of coding.

02/01/2023Changed the Navbar around and added categories.

01/01/2023Happy new year everyone !

27/12/2022Big changes in the Fav. Games section.

26/12/2022Links that are external now show the ⧉ symbol next to them. Changed website colors and other small things.

25/12/2022Merry Christmas everyone ! Thanks for the 68.857 views, and all your support. Added a way to restore the default playlist in music player.

16/12/2022Changes to "This Website" section.

4/12/2022Changes to CRT Television 2, added possibility to add videos from other websites than Youtube.

1/12/2022New theme for Christmas, added Banjo Kazooie songs.

17/11/2022Take a look at the new CRT Simulator, a fully functional TV that i spent hours on coding.

8/11/2022I changed some things everywhere, especially in Kirby Games and i added descriptions of the neocities websites in Cool Websites.

4/11/2022Hi, i'm back. Today i added 2 websites to the Cool Websites section, and changed the look of the Music Player. Also added 4 new songs.

29/10/2022You can now play a HTML game on the TV by pressing the "Game" button, i may do a dedicated section later.

28/10/2022Added the "Past versions" directly into the main site instead of an external file. Added background patterns to various containers.

27/10/2022Added thumbnails to the neocities sites in Cool Websites Section. Went back to my old theme because i missed it. Reset Button added to CRT Simualator, lot of Kirby 64 songs added in Music Player. Improved Responsiveness. Thanks for 50.000 views !!! Update 2 - i compressed every image on the website. It should load up quicker now.

26/10/2022I should be sleeping ! Anyways, i added lot of text in the About Me page and made it look bit more polished. And new website background. Also added Mario Kart Double Dash to the favorite games, i don't know why i forgot to.

25/10/2022Added 5 songs from Pokemon Soulsilver and Super Mario World 1 and 2.

24/10/2022Made some changes to the CRT again, it's now way bigger and a bit more realistic. Added instructions and a bit of history.

22/10/2022Changes to About Me and CRT section.

20/10/2022Changed the logo back to Waddle-Dee ! I couldn't resist after finding this picture. New About me Section, changed a few things in Music Player, and made a new button.

19/10/2022Added scanlines and noise to the CRT television for more realism.

13/10/2022Changed a lot of things in the CRT Section. Added gifs.

09/10/2022Added songs and small changes. New section added: Gifs ! Will add more in the future.

30/09/2022Song in music player now autoplays when selected. Added 3 songs to the music player: Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards - Above The Clouds, Butter Building - Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Yoshi's Woolly World - Yarn Yoshi Takes Shape.

28/09/2022Various little changes across the site.

27/09/2022Improved favorite games section and headers.

25/09/2022Improved Kirby Games section and added 2 games to my favorites, CRT TV now bigger.

21/09/2022Hello everyone and thanks for 36k views !!! No updates for now, i'm busy with studying lately. I always check the Guestbook so feel free to post there ! I change the website theme music frequently when i find fitting songs.

31/08/2022Improved the "This Website" Section, new navbar icons, added text to "About Me".

23/08/2022Hi i'm back ! I havn't uploaded in a while because i was burnt-out with programming (or rather learning React.JS). It felt like a chore not something i enjoyed.
So i took a break.
I took interest in Photography again and had a lot of fun photographing things. Now i want to go back to programming but turn it into my passion as well, not just something i want to learn to get a job someday.
Because you're only gonna get good at something if you enjoy it. Thanks to everyone that supported me on Neocities and for the unbelievable amount of views, i'm truly grateful and humbled by it.
Let me know what you'd like to see on this website, i'm thinking of a making a blog but i don't know if anyone cares. I'm kind of running out of ideas on what to add haha. Anyways, thanks for all. Update 2: Compressed almost all the images on the website, which should load up faster now. Added a Monster Hunter Tri song.

13/07/2022New Screnshots Section where i post pictures i want to showcase from the games i'm playing.

12/07/2022Added a newly announced Kirby Game in my Kirby Games section. No big updates for now but i have some ideas.

10/07/2022Improved the Archive page.

09/07/2022Improved the Fav Games and Kirby Games section. Thank you so much for 20.000 views !

08/07/2022I fixed the awful theme and added new favorite games. I also added 6 new songs: from Pokémon, the English Kirby Opening theme and a Mario 64 song. Update 2: Even more Pokémon songs added !

03/07/2022Hello again, i have not updated in a while as i'm learning new things in programming. I gave the site a more blue background and changed a few things around.

23/06/2022Changed a lot of icons and changed the header text to yellow. I removed Coding Tricks from the navbar because i prefer to focus on other parts of the website and it felt too different.

20/06/2022Added a new section ! You can now look at the history of all Kirby Games trough the years, from Gameboy to Switch. Thanks to Nintendo Fandom Wiki for the text.

16/06/2022Made the table in CRT Television Section bigger. I also added links in "This Website" and centered About Me image.

15/06/2022I changed the color of the UI to light blue instead of white, added Mario Party DS and MHTRI to my Favorite Games, and made the playlist text darker in the Music Player.

14/06/2022Changed Music Player UI a bit. 2 New songs: Zelda Wind Waker theme, King Dedede's Theme [Brawl] theme.

13/06/20221 new song in Music Player.

13/06/2022I'm back, i was sick with the coronavirus (still is, but i feel way better), so i didn't feel like working on this site. I may start working on it again.

29/05/2022New music player section ! It's inspired by a Winamp skin based on Kirby.

27/05/2022I changed some text in many sections.

26/05/2022For copyright reasons i removed the local MP3 files and replaced them with Youtube embedded videos because i think it's not allowed otherwise. I will make it look better later. You can now add your own videos to the Television by putting the end of a youtube link.

24/05/2022Added images to the shelves in CRT Simulator and renamed it to "CRT Television" in Navbar.

23/05/2022Videos will now pause when launching audio.

21/05/2022Added 2 other games to my favorite games section and improved some things. The CRT shouldn't be glitched on tablets now.

20/05/2022Added 2 games to my favorite games section and refined the CRT simulator.

19/05/2022Thanks everyone for 10.000 views on Neocities, i really appreciate it ! I updated some sections and fixed some code.

17/05/2022Added lot of songs to the music section !

13/05/2022Sorry for the lack of updates, have been busy with real life lately.

10/05/2022Check out the new CRT Simulator ! A recreation of a CRT TV in HTML/CSS/JS.

08/05/2022Navigation links that are external are now yellow, and i changed the layout size a bit, and new featured video !

07/05/2022Updated the home page.

06/05/2022Added a new section explaining my inspirations for this website, added more songs to the music section.

05/05/2022Changed the headings and improved every section a bit.

04/05/2022Added a "coding tricks" page to navigation, a 1990s inspired page. Thanks to the 6000 people that have visited !

03/05/2022Fixed the code a bit and other minor tweaks.

02/05/2022I added a tribute page for Monster Hunter in Favorite Games section and more gifs to the navbar, better guestbook, and you can now check the past versions of the site (link is in home section).

02/05/2022Went back to blue theme and made the background image responsive, updated music player section.

01/05/2022Big site redesign, changed a lot of things (more to come).

30/04/2022Current songs will now stop when starting another song, improved About Me page

29/04/2022Remade music player page. Thanks for 3000 Views ! I never thought so many people would come here.

29/04/2022Added navbar icons and remade the home page.

28/04/2022Updated "Favorite Games" and "Cool Websites" sections.

27/04/2022Made the whole website one HTML file with the introduction of Javascript, this means the music player will not stop playing when pressing another link anymore. Changed font and added more contrast to the colors.

26/04/2022Changed some images and text and added custom mouse cursors.

25/04/2022Changed images and site logo.

24/04/2022Updated color schemes and made the Guestbook and Cool Websites buttons functional.

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